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Dustin and Kyah started Houndock Collection from a shared love of travel, multi-cultural experiences, a desire to mingle with locals, and a zest for all things new and adventurous. Early on in Dustin and Kyah’s dating relationship, they designated each others’ spirit animals based on distinctive personality traits. Kyah’s need to create beauty around her and her creative spirit earned her the nickname “peacock”. Dustin’s penchant for happily, intentionally, and dogmatically pursuing his goals inspired Kyah to call him a “happy hound”. Years later, and after lots of globe-trotting, they assembled a grouping of properties and have built up what is affectionately called Houndcock Collections – a hybrid of their spirit animals and an accurate reflection of what you can expect when you stay at any of their properties. Many of their properties can be found in unexpected places with the aim to delight and surprise guests with the luxuries and amenities you can find at the end of a dirt road. When they aren’t building new destinations for you to enjoy, you can likely find them exploring with their daughter and gathering inspiration down some newly discovered dirt roads.

About Little Hill House Farm

Little Hill House is a eco-friendly farm nestled on a wooded 21 acres with landscaped areas dedicated to a flower farm, a barn for small farm to table dinners, a greenhouse for cultivating flowers and offering floral classes and foraging classes.  Soon it will be home to guinea hens, chickens and ducks.

A dreamy cottage designed to evoke the European countryside is the centerpiece of the farm and exclusively offered for as a location for commercial photo and film shoots. All the details are meticulous from the stone exterior to the plaster interior walls, soapstone countertops and rough hewn cabinetry. Modern conveniences with old classic finishes can be spotted throughout the home. Booking this home includes the beautiful outdoor space and the quaint barn on the property.

If you make a weekend out of enjoying our farm, enjoying the classes and dinners, you may also stay with us at our bed and breakfast treehouse guest suite.

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